Follow your dream…

July 26, 2006

A very nice poem which I came across..

Before you look for things to change…
look deep inside your soul.
The Lord has given you all the clues…
always follow your dream.

Inviting trouble is so easy to do…
it happens without warning.
Avoiding problems is easier said than done…
always follow your dream.

Sometimes things just turn out bad…
and you don’t know where to turn.
The answer is as close as your heart…
always follow your dream.

Hope has always been the key…
it’s sometimes our only hope.
When things are darkest and looking bleak…
always follow your dream.

Only the Lord has all the answers…
and he shares them with only a few.
But faith is as close as we sometimes can get…
always follow your dream.

Perhaps you feel the end is near…
and you’ve done everything you can.
Never give up, anything can happen…
if you always follow your dream.


3 Responses to “Follow your dream…”

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  3. Anonymous Says:

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