Anxiety, patience and 20k …

July 29, 2006

I just had written about the campus recruitment drives in the college. I just jot down one more exp @ campus recruitment. It just seems to never let go of me…so here is one more ‘dedication’ to it from my side…This time around I was out there, but playing a different role. I was out there as a volunteer.

It was around 10:30 a.m. when I reached the T&P cell where, Aztec soft had come for campus recruitment. It had a panel of 3 members, 2 technical and 1 HR. (1 of the member of the panel; was an alumnus of BIET) I had been late, so missed the ppt. But as per my friends, it was pretty impressive. When I reached there, every one was all set to take the written test.

The test was taken by students from 3 colleges, BIET, GMIT and JNNCE. Nearly 105 students took the written test. The eligibility being 64% with no backlogs or 65% with 1 back log. I just got a chance to glance through the paper, it seemed ok… It had a few English stuff, few apti questions and a program (to reverse a given strng). The test took place in 3 rooms.

After the luncheon, I got back to college, the results were already out … 40 were short listed for GD There were 4 grps of 10 students each. About 11 students from E&C, BIET, had made it int to GDs..

The GD started by around 2:00 PM, continued up to nearly 3:00 PM … after that, it was again a break of 20+ minutes or so.. Then we had the results of GD. 28 had missed out leaving behind, 12 ppl to face the ‘final battle’… the students were asked to fill a resume given by Aztec soft…

The interviews began by around 3:30 PM, it had 2 technical panels, panel I, interviewed students from no 1- 6 in the shortlist… and panel II, interviewed students from no 7-12, as per the shortlist. My friend attednded the panel I. Amidst all this I could see all those very tense, anxious faces, preparing even @ the last minute, (much like I did before my interview @ mindtree …) as well, so that they never ‘lost’ anything…

The interviews followed a pattern where in ppl who had made it through the tech interview only, were asked to attend the HR… So I guess the final results were unofficially proclaimed…

Nevertheless an official declaration came by about 7:45 PM. The selected stdnts were all given T-shirts from Aztec soft… Hurray!!! There was jubilation in them… The company had taken, finally 7 students, 4 – BIET, 2- GMIT, and 1- JNNCE.The selected students seemed to be jocund. Their patience had finally paid off, they now had a job offer from Aztec Soft, an offer of 2.4 Lac/annum.

But the results also have this ‘dark side’, that leaves a few of them still longing for that ‘million dollar moment’… I tell them, guys “every dark cloud has a silver lining”… just be patient and u will soon have ur day!!

By around 8:15 PM, we were @ ‘RB’, for a promised treat from my friend… I could sense, his happiness, was at its zenith. After those 7 consecutive ‘failures’ in a row… He had finally made it ‘big’… We met the panel from Aztec soft @ ‘RB’, who also happen to be out there after a long hectic day… I enjoyed with my friends and the party just seemed to prolong … (I had to back myself out after 9:45 P.M. with my friend, since I was getting late..) I left the party half heartedly… I congratulated him again for his success and thanked him for throwing at us, such a wonderful party… It was really a nice treat.

The rest is happiness, joy, merry, jubilation and every word that symbolizes happiness and festivity.

PS: The fruits of patience are always sweet, but one only needs to have the perseverance.


One Response to “Anxiety, patience and 20k …”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    keep up the good work dude…you seem to be getting better and better. One suggestion though try putting your thoughts on issues or your feelings about what is happening around you rather than just post good links. embed the links within your post if necessary.

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