Looking @ the bigger picture

July 29, 2006

Off late, something has really kept me engaged in thinking or infact re-thinking … I guess that’s exactly what I have been doing subtly… It’s about ‘looking @ the bigger picture’. After all that campus recruitment stuff I wrote about, I intend to write about those who ‘chase their dreams’ beyond ‘just a B.E’ stuff. I share with u my personal experiences of interacting with a few ppl, I happened to either meet or talk to in this regard…

Yes, they all had job offers (from very good companies in the professional arena) and a few of them were already in to them. But then something drove them towards an aspiration to scale new altitudes in life. A journey whose destination would guarantee them with a fool proof method of setting their career graph on the rise. Yes, I am talking of those very ppl who managed to ‘Bell the CAT’ or crack the ‘GATE’ or ‘GRE’ or something equivalent in life. It has for sure changed my perception and notion of this whole ‘shaping ur career’ stuff, we often talk about.

What separates the above from the rest??

They all have successfully chased their dreams, a dream to pursue an MBA or Mtech or MS from one of the premiere institutes in India or abroad, not to restrict themselves in knowledge and opportunity. What is really pleasing, and infact very inspiring, is to know is that they never gave-up until the very end. Till they found success @ their door step. Its this burning desire to achieve something big, that I talk about … They all looked @ the bigger picture !!!

U know, we often tend to be in the hangover or euphoria of the all complacent idea of “Got placed in campus” stuff… (I make myself very clear, I am not down playing any one’s success @ the campus recruitment drives, coz all this is just a part of this whole ‘chasing ur dream’ stuff). We should stop being too complacent. What I fail to notice is more and more ppl taking this success as their first step towards realizing their ‘true dreams’.

But the journey, isn’t a cake walk. As they say, “Its only in dictionary that success comes before work” And to prove it beyond doubt, I quote what my senior said about her interview exp @ IITB and IISC Bangalore, ” I don’t know what other people say or think, but in my opinion its better you get into a company first, get the offer letter. This will be a proof that you decided to take academic path by choice, not by chance or despair. I attended interview both at IITB and IISC Bangalore, since I had decided not to join TCS, it really gave them a good impression.” Anyways what matters in interview is the basic fundas, your approach for problem solving. She added, “Its not like the HR interviews in the companies, these people are research scientists and there is no way you can fool them!!!”

Now its something every one of us need to really ask ourselves. “Am I really competent enough to stand up to the expectations of the corporate world??”, “What do I have to do, to keep myself updated with the latest technology??”, and questions like them, so on and hence forth… I talk about a self revival and a serious retrospection … We need to really get out of that “why-take-the-risk” mentality of our’s and aspire for something ‘big’.

Now I am confronted with one more community of ppl, who are already in to this industry for along time and off late have realized the preeminence of ‘Mater’s degree” stuff, I say to them “Its never too late in life.” I quote below what my cousin said in this regard. “U know ppl in US, as old as 30+ register themself to these PG courses, leave behind these 24/25 yr old, 2+ yrs exp guys…”. He also talked about the plethora of opportunities avaliable for further studies in US. What one gets to see in US, (going by my cousin’s words), “They gain a good 6-8 yrs+ experience in a firm, get to know what is it they want to do for the rest of their life, (It also equips them with adequate knowledge about the subject) and then set out to realize their dreams through an MBA or MS”. A whole new approach to ‘chase ur dreams’ isn’t it ??

An Mtech, MS or an MBA, not only empowers u with the skill set, which u require very much @ ur work place, it also gets u climbing the ‘corporate ladder’ at a quicker pace, (which I am sure is the aspiration of every person in this field), which otherwise would take a long time, by taking the ‘conventional’ path. There is always an option of getting back to ur ‘parent organization’, to serve better, just in case u happen to be already working in a firm … So it becomes more of a necessity than a luxury !!!.

If u haven’t given the above a serious thought, plz do it, its just the right time…

After all this, if u ask me whats my personal take on this??

Well, still a bit unclear about the intricacies of my plans, but surely I would make a serious attempt to ‘chase my dream’. An MBA for sure seems to be on my cards. As they, “There is no harm in giving it a try”

A job offer on hand is always a sure luxury. So plz don’t under-estimate ur campus recruitment drives.

PS: As they say,”Donot consider any success as ur final destination nor any destination as ur final success”, What do you wait for ?? Go ahead and chase ur dream. All the very best !!!


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