August 1, 2006

Time just seems to kill my patience here, and I am longing to get back to my 8 to 5 schedule, of my college. I have been very lethargic and sleeping a lot these days, than normal. I guess, that’s the only ‘time pass’ here for me. I have begun to wonder whether I am really ‘enjoying’ my holidays or not??

Off late, novels and blogs seem to be my best friends. Thnx to Sydney Sheldon and chetan bhagat, for having kept me busy with your work, I really enjoyed your books. I have plans to read the much awaited book in my list, ‘Davinci Code’… The rest of it is blogging… I have become quite a bit obsessed to it these days. (Courtesy

Today, I happened to see the movie, ‘Guide’, based on a book by R K Narayan. The lead role, played by legendary actor of Indian cinema, Dev Anand. I had watched this movie before, but never before was it so ‘inspiring’ or ‘appealing’. Hats off to Dev sab, he really is a Living legend!! I really liked those ending scenes, where in the acute draught and famine, in the village is impeccably picturised.

Raju (Dev Anand), once a successful tourist guide, hesitates to return to his hometown of Udaipur after his release from jail and decides to search for his fortunes elsewhere. He ends up in a remote village temple wearing over his threadbare clothes a saffron scarf which had once belonged to some passing mendicant, and finds himself suddenly elevated to the position of a holy man.

I must admit, here that the portrayal of character of ‘Raju’, guide come, a transformed ‘swami’, couldn’t have been better portrayed by anyone. I liked a few scenes in the movie, I list them below…

1. Dev anand, making a desperate attempt, to flee from the village secretly, gets caught by 2 ppl of the village. The scene clearly shows his escapism from reality, and inability to face the truth.

2. A scene, where Dev ananad, comes up with the truth about himself. He is haunted by the guilt of having, put up a wrong image of himself, in front of the villagers. This scene for the first time shows signs, of him accepting the ‘truth’.

3. A scene, where Dev anand, is being visited by thousands of his ‘followers’, one of who, happens to be his mother, who burst out to tears, at the sight of his son and hugs him. A scene, that shows, how he longed to confide in to someone, very close to him.

4. A scene of his ‘ex lover’, a dancer (portrayed by Waheeda Rehman) coming over to meet him, just at the time when a journalist, asks him about his love life … (the scene also shows dramatically the cruelties of famine and draught in the back drop) It beautifully depicts Dev anand being in a fix, (now that he carried the image of a ‘swami’ …) whether or not to reveal his love. A wonderful scene!!!

5. A scene when he is desperately hungry, after fasting for several days, trying to avoid the temptation of eating those bananas offered to ‘God’, in the temple he had taken shelter. I love the way the dilemma in his mind, whether to eat it or to not, is picturised. Again, Dev anand scores a 10/10.

6. The climax of the movie, (@ the same temple…) where Dev anand utters a few words to the villagers, who are around him, indicating the occurrence of possible rains … It begins to pour after a while, but the tragedy is, it’s too late, as ‘Raju’ breathes his last, unable to be a witness of the jubilation of villagers. I appreciate the way, the whole scene has been brought on to the silver screen … there is joy (ephemeral though) in the villagers, at the onset of rains, and a sudden change over to a tragic scene, when they realize, that their ‘swami’ is no more. Finally, he had managed to live up to the expectations of the people, in spite of all odds. Great work, here by the director, Vijay Anand.

The movie is a gr8 blend of different shades of life like love, family, friends, and philosophy and above all it’s got a social appeal. What also boosts its quality is some invincible acting by its male and female protagonists, some splendid cinematography, by Fali Mistry, and superb music by S D Burman sab … I loved the song, “Aaj phir jeene ki tamanna hai… “, its really mesmerizing…

PS: We some times tend to achieve the impossible, simply bcoz, we are pushed to places beyond our normal reach, by the faith of people, who believe in us.


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