Things I miss about PFS …

August 2, 2006

I am feeling a bit reminiscent today. I was just remembering, all those wonderful things, I am missing about pfs (school/colege). I really loved those days. This article is my ‘dedication’ to the golden memories that pfs has left in me. They are just priceless !!!

  • I miss all those cricket we used to play with Devraj sir and shivaprasad sir, along with a lot of my friends, in the park. It was for the first time I got fo play with a leather ball. I still remember those cricket (timepass though) we played with the ‘base ball’ (yeah friends we used to do those kind of crazy stuff)
  • I miss my chemistry labs and theory classes, lecturer Mr.Venkatesh murthy and his sterotype dialogue, “What actually ur aware of ..??”, which he used to ask those front benchers and his deliberate mispronounciation of my friend’s name as, “Vishnu murthy” (his actual name was vishwa murhty). It used to irritate me @ that time, but friends, I miss them a lot now.
  • Hiremath sir, our kannada teacher and lecturer, only person, who seemed to be not afflicted with the ‘plague’ of “ENGLISH MANIA”, that has encroached our pfs right from the begining. I still remember how magnificently, he had taught us, that “Yayati” play, in II PUC.
  • I miss badly those Kadak teas, in the lunch break and after college hours, outside pfs campus. I also miss those, hot roti-dals, we used to eat @ ‘Rajasthani daba’, just outside the college campus.I also miss those ‘pim-poms’, which seemed to have become an ‘icon of style’ …
  • I miss all those cricket matches we had watched, bunking the chemistry classes, @ bachelor’s hostel. I still know how difficult it was to freak out stealthily and watch them.. with a potential threat of being caught by the princi.
  • I miss those fun we had in playing pranks with those “dangerous” chemicals. One of friend had managed to flick a big lump of sodium, from the chemistry lab. We just enjoyed that ‘thunderous’ sound it made when we brought it in contact with moisture. We really had enjoyed that tiny ‘nuclear explosion’. It was really freaky…
  • I also miss those titration experiments, where my friends who used to add all those irrelavent chemicals in to titration tubes, to ensure, Mr. Perfect (chemistry lecturer) missed out, from getting exact values.
  • I miss those prayer sessions, in the morning, where we were expected to wear, nicely polished ‘black leather’ shoes. I still remember how we used to cook up stories to avoid getting in to ‘defaulters line’, which would ensure, that ur break fast (if any …) would be digested completely, after u would have a couple of rounds around the school ground.
  • I miss those CCA sessions on saturdays, where we used to have all kinds of extracurricular activites. I still remebeer how I had spoken passionately about topics like, “Science, a menace to humanity” or “Raja Ram Mohan Roy” or “About western culture and its impact”… All those were damn good days, I miss them …
  • I miss those ‘corner smashes’ I used to hit in volley ball, I really miss those games stuff .. I get to understand them now… Ever since I entered in to engg, I hardly get to play cricket or volley ball.
  • I miss those, Sid Raj sir’s typical music notes, u would find on 26th jan or 15th aug year after year. I also miss those ‘dance numbers’ I happened to perform on the pfs grounds, with my friends.
  • I miss those physics classes, where we used to solve problems dictated, by Shiva prasad sir… Guys I still know a typical problem he still gives to today, I quote here, “A bullllet (an extra stress on letter ‘l’) of mass 20gm, travels with a speed of so and so… ” I really miss my classes on linear and angular dynamics, I PUC.
  • I miss (?) those MD periods, on thursdays, (where a few of my friends would try till their last drop of blood, to miss out those sessions …) I tell u, we were asked to do some wierd ‘excercies’ ( I have still not been benefited by them). I also remember those crazy excuses, I had given to miss a few MD sessions. I miss those running, hoping, back races after those excerices. Although I would always be close to the top in the list, provided u read it in the reverse order.
  • I miss those evergreen dialogue, from Sid Raj sir, after those, so called ‘practice sessions’ of national anthem, I quote below, “hey, It’s not Ucchala jaladita ranga, It’s Utkala jaladitha ranga… ok, lets have it once more…”. I tell u guys, we never used to sing the former version, as told by him. But u know, somehow, he never seemed to let go of us, and would ask us to re-sing the whole national anthem… I guess he was just following the ‘orders’, to keep us engaged …
  • I miss those, crazy english stuff, that we had to do, in ‘work books’ or ‘comprehension in english’, like complete those sentences or passages and describe the picture … blah blah blah… Here, I share with u an episode on the same. We were asked to buy a new book for “comprehension in english”, and almost all of us had one, except my friend (he just had a senior’s copy..). When asked to purchase a new one, he had boldly told the teacher, “Nimigen bidri madam, college kodutte… namdh helri, navu dud kot purchase madbeku”. After that he had a nice ‘Rendezvous” with princi and …
  • I miss all those typical dialogues from Ningappa sir, after exams, our the then, kannada teacher, “Charche madi ferfect agona..”, and “yeno atthe maneg bandya… ” stuff..Guys I really miss them…
  • I miss those songs, we used to play in bus, in a good 45+ minutes journey from college, to my house. I really loved those gossips, we used to share in the bus..
  • I also miss all those, ‘marathi’ calculations from sunithe madam, in maths class and also those stories she had narrated about yayati and Devyani, in 6th std … I loved them.
There a lot of other things, I miss about pfs. I also miss, Shoba ma’am, our english lecturer, scouts & guides incharge, Magi madam, Dev raj sir (science teacher), Shiva prasad sir (physics professor), Sunandha ma’am (our history teacher) and a lot many of them… I owe them a lot.
August 15th, hapens to be just a couple of weeks away, I will try, if I could catch up with my old buddies and my golden days ..Back to pfs ( for a planned get-to..)

PS: I must say, “Those were the best days of my life …”, truely student life is the golden life…

Disclaimer: All the views, comments, and opinions expressed by me in this article, are purely personal and is not intended to ridicule or hurt anybody or any organization.


One Response to “Things I miss about PFS …”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    you are right man….this list is not an exhaustive one. reminded me of my days in PFS with different incidents though with the same set of characters. the issue is we never realise the importance and the “preciousness” (if i could call it so) until we have passed out of the gates….

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