Just a day when nothing went my way …

August 4, 2006

I am really enervated @ the end of, what has really been a fatiguing day for me. The worst part of it being, nothing really seemed to be going right. Luck suddenly seems to have gone for a walk, leaving me, all by myself to suffer a ‘bit’ (?). All my ‘best laid plans’ just got screwed up …

I had plans of submitting the ‘duly’ filled application form for a passport, @ Davangere post office. After getting a clearance from the authorities, regarding the authenticity of my enclosures, yesterday, I reached the post office, @ about 10:00 A.M. With full confidence of getting the job done in one stride, I made my way in to the passport office. But it wasn’t all that simple, as I had assumed it would be. It all began, with my name, I had entered it as, “SURESH SRIDHARA MURHTY”, but the guy, out there, now said that it should have been, “SRIDHARA MURHTY SURESH” … It took me by surprise, as he was the same person, who had ‘certified’ about the correctness of the details in the application form. I had to get it right.

After that was the turn of the enclosures, he now suddenly demanded an attestation from the college of X std and Engg marks card. I had an attestation for X std, but I had no clue that I needed one for my engg marks card as well (How silly I was, isn’t it?). He also demanded me to produce the originals of my ration card, when I showed him the photocopies of the same. But fortunately, he assured me of attesting it, provided I showed him the original ration card. I left the post office @ around 11:00 A.M.

Now all this meant that I had to return home empty handed without the job done. But I decided to at least get the job of an attestation for my marks card of Engineering (4th sem) completed. I reached the college by around 11:20 A.M. But the guy @ the office in BIET, refused to do the attestation for me, on the grounds that, I had failed to produce the original copy of 4th sem marks card. Now U might have got it, how I might have been cursing all day, my bad luck. But it’s just a begining… The guy asked me to meet him in the after-noon, and assured me to attest my marks card. I returned happily, with a bit of satisfaction of at least having some part of my job completed.

I finally returned home by about 12:45 P.M., and quickly arranged all the demanded enclosures, originals of ration card, my 4th SEM marks card (original), and a few more copies of my II PUC and X marks cards. After my lunch, by about 2:30 P.M., I went to harihar, along with my friend Sandeep. We got a few copies of bus pass form and we left for the college.

I reached the college, @ about 3:30 P.M.; I headed straight away to the office. But the guy @ the office, suddenly seemed to have begun to sing ‘new tunes’. He asked me to go to some other colleague of his to get my work done. His colleague also seemed to do the same… This game of ‘tossing responsibility’ went on for a while. I felt, I had enough of it, so I just asked the guy who had assured me in the morning firmly, “Could you plz tell me what is the procedure to get, my marks card attested… “. I guess firmness in my tone worked, and one of them finally got my job done. I felt a bit relieved. (It seemed to me that there was a lack of understanding between them … anywayz who the hell cares …). I also had my bus pass signed from the concerned office staff, and we left the college by around 4:15 P.M.

After that, as per priorities, I headed towards the post office, while Sandeep headed towards DVG main bus stand to get a his new bus pass. I just asked him to wait for me @ the bus stand till 5:30 P.M. I went to the post office, only to realize that, I had just committed a big blunder… Boy!!! I forgot to remember that the passport office didn’t operate after 2:30 P.M. It was clearly written just outside the office (another addition to the series of blunders, I have been commiting all day…).

By then I was literally jaded. I just threw @ them, a look, that said, “Com’on u guys can’t do this to me…” But then, they were helpless. To add to my agony, the guy @ the desk told me to get my attestation duly signed by Principal or by whomsoever in charge. (My bad luck almost made me do such insane things, like I even forgot that, without the signature of princi, the attestation is of no use). I left the office with utter desperation by around 4:45 P.M.

After that, as per my plan, I thought, I would get my bus pass ready, so that I could avoid over heads of bus fares, that I needed to pay, each time I visited to DVG. But bad luck didn’t seem to let go of me so easily. What I saw, was a deserted, closed counter @ the bus stand. Then I looked for sandeep, @ the premises of the bus stand, but alas, I failed to get any sight of his, anywhere nearby.

I waited for about good 20+ minutes, outside the main bus stand, to catch a bus back to high school field, from where I could catch a bus to Harihar. I found Sandeep, there standing amidst, with equal exhaustion and desperation, of not getting his bus pass ready. We just talked about how bad my day had been and I just cursed myself for being so stupid as well. I should have been a bit more careful and alert…

After that we just went to meet my friend srinidhi, whom we found playing cricket, with his friends, @ the high school field. After a bit of talks with him, along with tea, in a near by stall. I just seemed to forget a bit of my ‘failures’ in the day. We took leave off him and were back to our place…

Tomorrow, I would set out on my ‘mission’ again, and would try to be more careful and alert. I just don’t want to take any chances 2morrow. Let’s hope for the best and my luck will soon return back from the ‘stroll’ …

PS: When luck shows it’s back to u, even the easiest of the jobs seem incredibly tough and u commit all the blunders, one could possibly imagine.


One Response to “Just a day when nothing went my way …”

  1. Yasser Says:

    good title; i and everybody else knows these days way too well….

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