Luck finally says, “I am back !!!”

August 5, 2006

Today was a day just opposite to yesterday’s, and thats why I ahve titled my post as above. I got my work finished with the college, without any hickups. I got my marks card attestation copies, duly signed by vice-prinicpal.

I finally have got my passport application submitted to the concerned authorities. The guy just seemed to be all the more helpful today and helped me out to finialize my form entires. I got the necessary enclosures attested and submtted them to them.

It was about 1:15 P.M., when we were out of the office, along with a fresh form for my friend, with a satisfaction of having acomplished for what I had set out for. After that I shared a small treat with my friend. I was happy that today, luck never left me any further to suffer. I must say, “Thnx Mr.fate, for all ur kindness …”

Thnx to my friend srinidhi, for helping me out.

PS: The day marked the triumph of a planned approach to accomplish a mission.


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