Living in present tense…

August 16, 2006

My mind has off late been simply oscillating between the past and present. I find myself taken totally off-guard, by this metal sway. I had plans to jot down my carks long back. I write this article, with a back drop that I had, from long back, been arguing with the ‘someone’, (forgive me for being surreptitious, I can’t disclose the person’s name) on this concept of ‘living in present tense’.

If my prelude still leaves u confounded, let’s get more straight and clear. This article is about the concept I utterly believe in, the one that says,” We all should learn to live in the present, rather than getting lost in the glory of the past or cling to unforeseen ‘futuristic fallacies”. I make myself very clear on this, I am not against dreams nor those own them. I strongly believe in these lines, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” – Eleanor Roosevelt. That’s what keeps me aiming for something high in life, each time I surpass a land mark (little ones though…).

I dunno if I am a lone victim of this jeopardy, a state of ‘trishaknu’, one that swings from past through the present (though only for a few nano seconds in present) and in to the future. I hate ppl when they keep nagging about their present state, @ times when everything seems so gud and nice in shape. They just want to get in to the future (defying all laws of science).

The ppl who fall in either category, are sure to be found fallen sound ‘asleep’, when an opportunity, in present tense actually knocks.
I believe that, one need to appreciate his/her present life and if it’s really smothering, should pull out plans to overcome them, rather than simply nagging abt it.

I guess this small ‘story’ should make my ideas very clear.

There once lived a guy, who always wanted to get in to future, (dunno from when this craze creped in to him). When his parent’s joined him to the school, he used to tell his friends, “I just want to get in to High school. It’s so boring to be here.” When he got in to high school, he began to say, “U know college life really rocks, what’s there in a high school, enough of this kids stuff …” When he stepped in to the college, he began to sing new tunes, “The college life isn’t rocking buddies, I just feel so smothering here, I am longing to get in to a job and settle down in life…”. The guy got in to a nice company, but his nagging never stopped, he used to say to his colleagues, “This job really sucks and so does my personal life. I just want to marry, have kids and a nice family, and then I can be happy…” He tied the knot to a beautiful lady. But our “Nagger”, never seems to have learnt any lessons from the past, he used to say to his wife, “I wish my kids grow up sooner, I would get retired from my work and then leave peacefully…” His kids grew-up, he also retired, but was never happy. Finally, ‘that’ day arrived, he was counting his last breaths…They say, “It’s better late than never.” he got enlightenment; he called his wife and children, and said, “I have done a grave mistake all my life. I never appreciated my present life. I kept on hoping to get in to a nice future, while what I managed to do was to destroy a beautiful, priceless present. Plz don’t commit the same mistake, which I commited. Learn to live in the present and appreciate your present life.”

Then guy finally closed his eyes, but surely had opened a lot of eyes which still ‘spoil’ their present, by nagging abt the lack of it comfort ness or conduciveness. I say, friends only when we learn to appreciate the beauty of the ‘present’ will we be able to enjoy and live in a promising future. So friends, never let this happen to you, learn to live in the present tense.

PS: One cannot change what has happened in the past. One doesn’t know what is going to happen in the future, coz none has seen it before hand. One can certainly live in the ‘present’, which is the only eternal truth.


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