Weird and nuts!

August 20, 2006

I have off late been doing weird things! Certified by none other than my own heart! I have been:

1. I have been in to counting my scraps! I dunno it has some how enthralled me. Might sound outrageously flaunting, but it’s true. (Really stupid!)

2. I have been in to some audacious and addictive blogging habits off late. Inspite of some statutory warnings from my friends, I have overridden them all! Just to sound as somebody rebellion or something, dunno…

3. I am also in to counting, how many times has my “Losedows” OS crashed, ever since i have joined engineering. It really sucks! U can have my word on that.

4. I just wonder how blogger gives such a wonderful service free of cost! Thnx to it, I have found a nice platform to express all my weird ramblings.

5. I wonder how long I will be able to blog and how long will ppl have to bear with me?

6. Orkut again! I am keenly in to counting how many friends are there in my list, and my friend’s. Come on guys, I know one may say, “It’s not the quantity, but the quality that matters!”, but some how, not convinced!

7. I have been wondering if “Losedows” ever can think of a better way of developing an OS. When will ppl get freedom from those awry, stupid messages and warnings!

8. Would I surivive if I would be deprived of an internet access? I have fallen deeply in love with it, a very mellowish way to admit an obsession, isn’t it?

9. I have been aimlessly sauntering in the world of WWWs. Dunno i just humm those lines from KANK, “Mera mann ye bata de tu, kis aur chala he tu… “.

10. Last but not the least, I wonder if all those elusive derivations and so called ‘wonderful concepts’ that have been stocked in to my brain, ever since I have joined engineering, will I ever be able to put them to use somewhere?

PS: Just dunno, why in these wee hours of the morning, I have been bloggging about silly things like these. Better rest my PC for a while and this web as well. I guess I have troubled my “Losedows” OS a lot, poor chap! I guess it can’t handle it any more, already ‘coughing’, and showing some sure signs of a ‘fever’!


2 Responses to “Weird and nuts!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    interesting…got to read the last 3 blogs today…soyou are the seniormost in your college huh!! how time flies. the picture of you seeking advice on the college you should be joining is still very clear in my mind!!! anyway all the best

  2. Anonymous Says:

    that was karthik

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